Friday, January 4, 2013

bento #3

gluten-free challah and peanut butter sandwiches, toasted nori, carrot sticks, raw fudge

Process: Sliced up our leftover gf oat challah and made peanut butter sandwiches. Took 7 sheets of nori, folded in half, and placed beside sandwiches. Cut up one large carrot and divided between the two, finished off with one piece of raw fudge in a (candy? mini cupcake?) wrapper.

This bento was quick and super simple; I usually prefer to toast sandwiches but the boys were happy with them as is. They did eat the fudge first, and stretched out eating these for about two hours, but it was a successful bento, if somewhat plain.

Feedback: Can I have more fudge?

(kosher, gluten-free, vegan)


  1. How did you eat all that dry seaweed? You just chop away at the nori? No dip?

    1. It's seasoned nori, and we just eat it like that. Kind of like chips, I suppose. It's really tasty. It's not good for dipping, as it just falls apart and gets soggy.